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Canon G3x auto focus problem


I got the canon g3x three days ago and when I tried to film, the auto focus is all over the place. It's trying to focus on me but then it tries to focus on my background and then when I start doing my makeup ( i make beauty videos) it goes in and out of focus constantly. Basically, the camera won't stay focused on one thing.. I've changed the settings a bunch of times and played around with it and no matter what the settings are it continues to have the same problem.


Does this sound like I got a defective lens? It's a brand new camera (got it on Friday) and I have only tried to use it twice and since the minute I turned it on to record, it has had this problem. 


Can anyone help? Thanks. 



Canon still cameras are not good at auto focus during video. I suggest manual focus.


ETA: oops, there does not appear to be a manual focus mode. Try all the focus modes until you find one that works for you.


ETA2: Double oops. Try the face tracking mode or the AF lock.