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Canon G1X vs iPhone 13 ProMax or newer


As the father of two young children, I’m finding that I take a lot of pictures (surprise surprise). I tend to use my iPhone 13 ProMax because it is always handy, but have been wanting something to take higher quality photos with - photos that I would potentially print/frame. Something just feels odd about doing that with an iPhone.

That being said, I pulled out my old Canon G1X, snapped a couple of test shots (I’m pretty rusty) and looked at them on my laptop. For some reason they didn’t have the same quality as I remembered, but I don’t know if that’s just my bad memory or the expectations that I have from looking at iPhone photos on an iPhone screen.

This brings me to my question(s):

Does my iPhone shoot higher quality photos than my G1X?

If not, is it just me needing to get better reacquainted with the camera, or do I need to do processing with software (I am no expert in this).

If yes to the first question, would a standard DSLR get higher quality images than my iPhone camera?

Would I be better served to buy some lens attachments for my iPhone?

Any recommendations you might have. I enjoyed photography once but have always been an amateur. I’d like to enjoy it again.

Thanks in advance, and sorry if these are those stupid questions you see too many of on this forum, I’m new here.

Updated to add question 4.



Which generation of the G1X do you have? If it's the first-generation, that came out in 2012, so the tech will be quite old.  However, it does have a much larger sensor than an iPhone, so with good light, it should produce very good images.

While Apple's claims has always been having a "telephoto" lens ever since they've introduced the dual-lens models, it was either misleading or not really telephoto.  Sorry, Apple, 52 mm equivalent is not telephoto.  On your iPhone, it's 77mm which does qualify, but it's on the short end of the range.

In terms of quality though, can you be more specific? Higher resolution? Better colors? Less noise? All of the above?  As always, posting images here and outlining what it is you don't like will be very helpful.


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