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Canon G1X or G15 for casual use?


I'm going to get either of these two for casual use, mainly landscape, social situations and walkaround shooting. I tried them both and they feel like a bigger and smaller version of the same camera, with the G15 being overall quicker, but the G1X isn't so far behind such that it's a deal breaker. It's the tilt-swivel screen of the G1X that is the main reason why I'm spit between the 2, since it's great for weird angles and selfies. Yes I know these cameras are old and there are better 1-inch type compacts out there, but this is all I can afford for the moment (both cost ~150$ in good condition). Which one should I get?



I would lean towards the one that would give you better usability.  So if you foresee really leveraging the tilt-screen, the G1X would be the choice.

A side note on "1-inch" type.  Sadly this goofy name is so pervasive in the industry.   These sensors are actually around 16 mm diagonal.  Roughly half-inch wide by 0.35 inches tall.


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