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Canon G12 shutter mechanisme stuck closed


Help. I recently got a canon g12. When I tested it out before buying it worked fine and it could take pictures without any issues. So the next day turned it on and it wasn't able to display the image of the sensor on the lcd. The lcd works perfectly fine and I have a feeling that it is not a sensor issue. When i looked closely at the lens i saw that the something was still closed shut. I believe that the thing I am seeing is the leaf shutter that is stuck shut. When i turn it on it also gives me a weird noise which sounds like it is trying to open it but for some reason can't. 



As you can see there is something blocking the light and believe that this is the shutter mechanisme. Could it be a powerdelivery system? Maybe the battery is not good? Maybe the mechanisme is just broken? I would like to know what issue is causing this problem and if it is fixable. 


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