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Blurred images with my PowerShot SX740 HS


I am out of options girlfriend! I bought this camera as a digital camera upgrade. Research said it was the best. But every full body shot of me is blurry. My body and face or just my face. I tried editing the settings. None of the edits worked. I tried adding a bunch of light to my room. I tried the open kitchen. I even tried outside my house with the full sunny sun. Every one of those selfies were also blurry! So do any of you have a solution? Because the reason I bought this camera was to have a new digital camera that worked no problem by offering high hd quality crisp clean non blurry images that are full body shots of me in cosplay and not in cosplay. Because of all that and the camera offering convenience since it can be mounted to a regular camera tripod. But since every pic is blurry the camera is useless. The following camera I bought. Canon-PowerShot SX740 HS 20.3-Megapixel Digital Camera



If your camera is set on Program mode, or Aperture Priority mode, then YES, more light will make for faster shutter speeds, reducing motion blur. This is basic stuff. Or set the camera to Shutter Priority, and use shutter speeds fast enough to stop whatever motion is causing the blur.  Of course, this will result in larger lens apertures, which results in less depth-of-field. 

It is ALL RELATED, and you need to develop an understanding of how camera settings interact.

I see. Yeah I'm learning more about them. I'm glad I keep finding solutions to issues.

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