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Best Settings for “Green Flash” at Sunset –Video, SX540 HS


I’ve recently started to video the sunsets I see (over Santa Cruz Island, CA) in hopes of getting shots of the elusive “Green Flash”, where the last refracted light of the sun shows as green, and more rarely blue. I’ve caught one spectacular one by happenstance, but I don’t really know what settings would be best to optimize results. Over 30+ years of observing I’ve seen many fantastic green/blue flashes.  I’d like to capture some more images. You can see my best video so far (8 seconds long) at , a friend’s webpage.

The sun sets over the horizon of the island about 50 miles away, both the camera tripod and island horizons are at about 600 feet elevation.  The telephoto is almost fully extended, from there what would be the best settings?



What were the settings for your "best" video? 

You might be the expert here. 



Ahh, yes, that would be helpful if I remembered them.  In some settings the autofocus seems to get confused and keeps zooming in and out randomly.  Also I don't know if I should have the image stabilization on or off.  I was hoping there might be someone here who does something similar and has it down pat...

I think manual focus would be best, and if you are on a tripod turn off IS.