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Resetting PowerShot SX540 HS to Factory Default Settings


I have a Canon PowerShot SX540HS camera that I use to take photos of small objects I sell on eBay. I began using it with whatever settings were set at the factory, but at some point I accidently touched some buttons that caused the camera to work differently and without knowing what I was doing I tried to reset the camera back to where it was. Now when I turn the camera on I get a "busy" message and when I turn the camera off, it turns itself back on. Can someone help me to return it to its original default settings? I never used a digital camera before and I do not know anything about modern cameras. I just want to take simple photographs. I would greatly appreciate what help I can get.  Thank you, Chasboo1944



Hi and welcome to the forum

Hopefully this will help you with your issue.  I am enclosing a link HERE  to the PDF version of the Canon manual.  Look on P144 for instructions on how to do a camera reset to defaults.   If this resolves your issue, please mark my post as a resolution so others won't spend time trying to fix it too and for others with the same issue to find it quickly

cheers, TREVOR

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