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A510 Unable to open battery compartment to replace



The battery isn't discharged, I'm able to take photos. But I haven't used the camera for probably a year until now and I want to replace the battery just in case it's near end of life. I can slide the button of the battery compartment door, but the compartment doesn't open. I expected it to just sortof pop open. Is there something else I need to do to get it to open?

Thanks for your help,
Phil (pwrichcreek) 



Here's a picture that gives a bit more detail.

canon A510 battery 8X10 smagit.jpg

Not applicable

Here is a page from the manual:

Screenshot 2023-09-08 170140.jpg

 Doesn't this work?

I can't get the battery compartment door to open.


If the camera has alkaline batteries in it and has been sitting unused for a long period you may have batteries that are so corroded from leakage that the door is stuck. Try to pry it open with a thin tool while sliding the release.

I wouldn't expect the camera to work if this is the case, but ?????

I tried prying it open with the smallest flat-head screwdriver that I own. I can set it into the groove around the battery compartment. When I twist it, the compartment separates a bit but I can't get it to open.  As for "sliding the release" at the same time, I need at least one more hand. Or put the camera into a vice. As I said previously, I very seldom need to use it. If it comes to where I absolutely need it and it won't shoot, I'll take it to a camera repair shop.

Thanks for your reply.


Well, if you don't slide the release switch you can't expect it to open even by prying it. You'll just break it.

You don't have another person handy to provide a third hand?


I was joking about the third hand, but in retrospect it's not a bad idea. And I do have a friend who has powerful hands. He's a professional pianist and might (understandably) be hesitant to risk having me slip and put a gash in his hand Hey, I ain't no pianist. I can be the holder and he can use his nimble fingers to do the prying. What better way to express my appreciation.thanks emoji 25 pct.jpg


A few years ago I ruined a perfectly wonderful Powershot A620 by letting it sit unused for too long with the batteries still in it. I finally got the battery door open but the batteries had swollen and leaked and were difficult to remove. And by that time the workings of the camera had corroded and that was the end of that.

The only thing you might try (at your own risk) would be to apply a few drops at a time of DeOxit D5 electrical contact cleaner around the latch button and the seams around the edges of the battery door. Let it sit for a day or two, be patient, try working the latch, try applying a few more drops of Deoxit, let it sit and soak some more, and repeat.

But the problem is that the damage has probably already been done. You'd likely be able to find a used working copy of the same or a similar model Powershot but don't throw too much money at it. I still keep my eyes open for a good used A620 or the like at the right price. It took pictures that were comparable in most instances to the G5 I was using at the time.


Thanks for pointing out that, worst case, the deoxidizing process could leave me with a very interesting (and clean) paperweight.  In my reply to Normadel's suggestion, I stated, "I ain't no pianist". Truth is, I ain't no photographer either. I don't expect to be using the camera for professional quality photos. If the paperweight scenario plays out, I can shop for a used, working  A620. 

Phil (SweetTasha)

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