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mz922 photo printing


Trying to cloud print 4x6 photo from my Motorola Droid Maxx.  I have 4x6 borderless glossy paper in upper tray. Keep getting a message that there is no paper in lower tray.  The printer keeps selecting paper from the lower tray if I put some there.  On the set-up window I have picked fit to paper, glossy, 4x6 paper size, but, the printer is NOT fitting the image to the paper size, it prints full size which is about 9x7 image size (so I get only a portion of the picture an the 4x6 photo paper.  It also prints it in landscape, even if it is portrait configuration, So it is not fitting to paper size.  On the Droid Maxx I have picked 4x6 paper size and it doesn't matter if I pick portrait or landscape, the printer prints it in landscape configuration.


How do I get it to "fit to paper size" and pick the photo paper from the upper paper tray which is designed for the photo paper?  The lower tray cannot be adjusted to hold 4x6 photo paper.



You must set the paper size first in the "Print Settings" at the operation panel (machine display). The machine feeds photo paper from the upper cassete tray automatically after you have selected the paper size such as 4 x 6.

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I set the paper size to photo 4x6 glossy borderless, fit to size.  The printer still picks the 8.5x11 paper from the lower cassette.  I remove the 8.5x11 paper from the lower cassette & try again, with only the 4x6 photo paper in the upper cassette.  The printer gives me a message that the lower cassette is empty and I should put paper in it.


The printer does NOT automatically take the photo paper from the upper cassette.

Product Expert
Product Expert



The printer will feed from the lower tray if a larger paper size is being sent from your app or software.  If your current app does not have the ability to specify the paper size, try using our free "Canon PRINT Inkjet/SELPHY" app to print photos from your Android device.


If additional assistance is needed, find more help at Contact Us.

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I had 4x6 picked for size on both my Droid Maxx and the Canon mx922 printer but it would only print on 5x7.


Today I installed the Canon PRINT inkjet/SELPHY, but it could not automatically find the printer.  When I tried to select the printer manually, the only choice under Pixma mx was 492.  There was no mx-922.


On the Droid, I have wifi turned on and the wireless setup password entered.  Canon Inkjet/SELPHY still cannot find my Canon printer even though I was printing from my Droid before installing Inkjet/SELPHY.


I guess I will have to call Canon support & try to get this fixed via phone.  The last time I called them it took over 2 hours to get the printer up & running again (but that wasn't customer support's doing).  Canon is NOT getting my thumbs-up with this printer.


In the future, if I ever buy another Canon product I think I will stick strictly to cameras.

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