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mf642 Error in printing over Wifi


I just bought the ImageCLASS mf642, took it out of the box, connecited it to wifi.  Downloaded software and drivers.  all I get is ERROR for both computers connected.  Anybody know how to outsmart this?  I have been on hold with support for over an hour.






Printer is connected to your WiFi Network

Printing errors are occurring on two computers.


> Typically when you perform set up and install a printer, one of the last steps is performing a test print.  What happens at this step?


Receiving a print error.  What OS are these "computers" running?  


Where to start:

Verifiy your printer is connect to your wireless network.  What is it's IP address?  You can get this from the printer, or from your router or access point's admin portal.


What are the IP addresses of your computers?


When everything is "connected" can you PING the printer from one of the computers?  Before you can determine the cause of the error, you need to verify that all devices connected to the network are communicating. 

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