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imageprograf tx 4000 driver enhancements


I recently purchased a imageprograf TX4000 printer.

I feel the driver is lacking flexibility.

For example, I was unable to set Plain paper / lines-text / 2 passes / 600dpi (missing combination!)

The custom option is a joke! If it were real custom, I would be able to set my desired print mode!

Other problem is with the 1 pass fast print modes, no matter how many times be the printhead angles adjusted, the lines near to far left or far right of roll, never are perfectly straight.

Any comment about this?



If Canon is listening, please, I want to be able to set in my imageprograf TX4000:

Plain paper / lines-text / 2 passes / 600dpi and

Plain paper / lines-text / 4 passes / 600dpi

The 1 pass fast modes are OK but are not allways the best answer for many scenarios.

Other area that in my opinion need atention is the width difference of horizontal vs vertical fine lines.

I know is an inkjet limitation, that very fine lines that run paralel to carriage movement are thiner than lines paralell to paper movement, but if Canon call this machine "the next standard in engineering", maximun care must be applied, especially if I got better results in this topic with my older and "not Cad/AEC" ipf8000s and ipf8400.



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