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imageClass MF 654 error codes 99, 852, 853


Hello.   When my mother tries to print using her MacBook Pro (OS Ventura 13.6.6), the following error messages: 99, 852, 853.   Her print jobs are in a waiting loop and eventually disappear.   I have to print off her stuff with my Windows 11 laptop.   

What do error codes 99, 852, and 853 mean and how can I fix them?   TIA.



Rising Star
Rising Star

I don't have access to failure codes, so a call to Canon Support would be worth the time to see what the agents can come up with.

There is the possibility that the codes might be found with a Google search, but that is just a guess. 🤔



These errors are related to communication.  Jobs stuck in the print queue, etc.  

Please share the following information with us:

What is the printer connected to?  How does it communicate with the MAC running 13.6.6?  

Which drivers were installed for it?


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Thank you for responding.

It is connected to our home's wireless network because there are no printer cable connectors for this model.    I would have to check the name of the software driver I installed into her MacBook Pro.