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imageCLASS MF733Cdw How to disable fax feature


Problem with Fax showing up on all programs not printer MF733Cdw

I have checked all the printer drivers, default, troubleshoot, etc. I wish I could remove fax but doesn't allow. How can I disable fax totally.



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Windows 11 

also, when W11 updated, the printer is requiring a file name, pausing the printer until I delete waiting status. 

Does anyone have a solution?? 



FAX functionality is built into the printer, but you don't have to use it if you don't want to.  


If you have installed the stand-alone Windows Generic Fax driver, check Control Panel > Programs and Features and remove/uninstall it if present.  You can then remove the "FAX Instance" of the printer from devices using right-click (remove) and restart your PC.  Although Windows 11 now pushes you to use the settings interface for Printers, you can still get to the old Device and Printers applet by selecting Settings > Devices > More Devices and Printer Settings.  Here you will see the familiar applet from windows 10 days.  Worth noting, the Fax icon in the below image is windows, not Canon.  You will only remove a Fax instance if one for your Canon printer exists.  It will say something like "MF733C Series (Fax)" and would typically appear next to your printer in the applet.. 


When you install the MF Drivers (Top example) of my first image, you can select one or all of the drivers for the system.  UFRII (print driver), FAX (Fax driver) and ScanGear.  I uncheck the Fax driver installer since you can force the printer to Fax if you connect a phone line to it on the fly.

Please note this is just an example.  It sort of looks like this.  The selection screen for the newer printer installers has check boxes instead of radio buttons (install).  I select the 1st and 3rd options leaving Fax unchecked.  Sorry I don't have a updated photo for you.


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