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imageCLASS MF656Cdw Talk me off the ledge... Terrible Cloud Apps interface configuring Cloud Apps


I have a Color imageCLASS MF656Cdw multi-function printer. I have recently been configuring Cloud Apps buttons on my printer.

-- Rant on --

Wow, the interface and user experience with Cloud Apps is terrible. Let's start with the completely counter-intuitive packaging of both Scan and Print into a single configuration interface in which you have to hide/display the buttons you want available. Why not just have separate apps for "Cloud Scan" and "Cloud Print"? Why can't I specify the name of the directory in which I want to place my scans? Actually using the cloud scan feature is really slow to connect to the service before it scans.

I could go on and on, but maybe somebody else has figured out a better way to use this system?

Oh, don't get me started with how terrible the web interface is... Dozens of confusingly named and organized settings... EVERY setting should have a tooltip or (?) button to give detailed information as to what the setting does. To add a button to the home screen, you don't just add it and specify the type of button... you have to go to the "App Library", select the kind of button you want, add the new button THERE, THEN go to the page which lists all the buttons and move the new button to where you want it.

This is 2024. Surely a large company like Canon has experts in user interface design who know better.

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