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imageCLASS MF656Cdw Scanning errors out after successive jobs


MF656 intermittent comms with MacBook via either ScanUtility or ImageScan; error codes 600104 600007

tried to tackle this with online support last month and it is still a major problem;  while using the feeder for successive jobs, error codes pop up at the end of a job and the MF656 scanner is now worthless.  Only solution is to remove printer, reboot, re-add printer, reboot...with printer reset....and try to get in another job or two before it happens again.  Printer is connected via AirPrint/Bonjour.  Have updated the firmware and software update in both of February and April (this month)....hoping that a fix was imminent.  OS is the latest Mac.  Error codes include 600104 and 600007.

Also the "Associated Products" box in the right margin of the browser screen here is worthless.  Might want to fix that.  Safari 17.4 if it matters.  

Not very interested in being on the phone for another hour or two.  JW