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imageCLASS MF642Cdw Poor print quality after changing toner cartridges



I have an ImageClass MF642Cdw. It was purchased back in 2020 and has printed about a 1000 pages. I recently installed a complete set of Genuine Cartridges. The black is barely readable and it will print a hint of yellow, that's it.

When I attempt using the "Adjust Image Quality" features, it fails everyone of them by reporting; "Could not perform correction". It sounds like it's physically engaging with each cartridge then stops. There is a pause and then the screen displays the error with each different feature. I went as far as doing a complete reset on it after performing the earlier checks. Early in the setup when the printer tries to color match the cartridges, it fails with the above error, "Could not perform correction". It all seems a little terminal to me! Any suggestions? 🙂 I'm pretty convinced the cartridges are genuine and It's running the latest firmware version btw. Does this sound familiar to anyone?

Thank you in advance,





You shouldn't be having these issues.  I would expect that you could perform any or all of the Adjust Image Quality maintenance options.  When reset, you should also be able to print a color match document, then scan it for calibration. 

If you are uncertain about your cartridges, you can turn on Canon Genuine Mode to verify.  Look in the remote UI for:

Settings/Registration: Management Settings: Device Management > Canon Genuine Mode


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Hi Rick,

According to Canons "Toner Status" utility, my cartridges are legit.

Do you have any suggestions as to who I should reach out to regarding this? I was under the impression the problem was from the cartridges and not the printer itself. In turn I went ahead and bought a complete set of genuine cartridges only to find out it's the printer with the issue. Costly way of narrowing down the field,

Thank you,


Screenshot 2024-02-27 210638.png


If the adjustment options in the GUI don't resolve the issue, try reaching out to Canon Customer Support. They can determine if the printer is defective. If so, they can explain about repair options. The other alternative would be to scrap the machine and replace it with something else. 🤔

Hi Dex,

I'm guessing that they're probably going to tell me the same. I'll reach out to them anyway. It's just stinks because I paid out of my butt for those new cartridges.   

Thank you,


OEM cartridges are, indeed, expensive. Canon, HP, Kyocera and other equipment manufacturers make a profit with the sale of ink & toner.

Hoping that the trouble with the 642 is an easy fix.  🙂