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imageCLASS MF462dw No power cable included


Just got the Canon MF462DW for my home office. Opened the box and there is a printer, user manual, and an ethernet cable. Nothing else!!!

How am I supposed to power this thing up? Buy a power cable?

First experience buying something made by Canon. Should have stuck to Xerox or HP!


Greetings ,

The MF462 DW does include a power cable .  It does not come with an ethernet cable in the box.  Could it be a telephone connection cable for fax?,

DId you buy the printer from Canon?  Canon does not sell open box merchandise.  You may want to check the styrofoam packing as sometimes the power cord is coiled into one of the pieces.

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Thanks for joining the conversation, MartyB!  We can understand your concern and a power cord should definitely be in there.  You can check with your dealer and you can also give our support team a call at 1-800-OK-CANON (1-800-652-2666).  They're open Monday through Friday and they can hook you up with a free power cord.

Hope this helps!

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