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imageCLASS MF4350d drivers don't work under macOS 10.15 Catalina even though it is compatible.


Canon website claims that the drivers for imageCLASS MF4350d are compatible with macOS 10.15 (Catalina) and they install fine (see below) but my Canon does not appear in "Printers & Scanners" and I am unable to add it manually (pressing +).

Is there any chance one can make it work?



Screen Shot 2019-12-17 at 4.37.08 PM.png



Hi adamny3.


In your post, you provided an image of the system readout of installed applications and software, showing installed Canon software.  Does the MF4350d show up in the list of connected USB devices?


when the printer is connectec, the terminal command "ioreg -p IOUSB" lists:

MF4320-4350@14200000 <class AppleUSBDevice, id 0x1003abd3d, registered, matched, active, busy 0 (2 ms), retain 21>


However, as I commented earlier, my Canon does not appear in "Printers and Scanners" window.


Hi again adamny3.

Thank you for that information.  Since the printer is being seen by USB, try opening the Printers & Scanners window and clicking on the [ + ] button.  If you get a single-column context menu, click on Add New Printer or Scanner to open the Add New window. 


If the printer does not show up in that list, open the following folder on the computer:


Mac HD \ Library \ Printers \ PPDs \ Contents \ Resources \


Move the file "Canon MF4350dseries" from that list to the trash, then run the installation using the download from the Canon U.S.A. website.  This will give it a fresh install and get rid of any old data that may have been corrupting the printer driver.  Once reinstalled, try adding it again using the Add New Printer or Scanner window.  If the printer still does not show up by USB, then you may need to add exceptions to your firewall or antivirus in order to allow the printer access through.


If you need immediate assistance with this issue, please contact us using the numbers and information at


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Thanks, Darius.

I am not using Anti-virus nor Firewall.


In Mac HD \ Library \ Printers \ PPDs \ Contents \ Resources \

there is no file "Canon MF4350dseries".


There are a lot of files there, all of the form CNPZUxxx.ppd.gz (where xxx's are letters and numbers)

(and some Brother files).

The most interesting one is CNPZUMF4350ZU.ppd.gz . I ungzipped it and the header says

*Manufacturer: "Canon" *Product: "(mf4320-4350 z)"

It doesnt seem corrupt. Anyways I deleted all the CNZU files and reintalled the Canon driver.

Now they are back, but my computer still doesn't show Canon printer. The + opens a window enclosed and the search function doesnt find any "Canon" or "MF". Would you have any further suggestion?



Screen Shot 2019-12-23 at 2.56.46 PM.png




Hi Adamny3.


From what we've gone over in this thread, we know the computer is detecting the printer correctly by USB, and we have the latest drivers installed. If the printer is not showing up as an option in the Add New window, then something else on the computer is preventing it from showing up.  Check the computer's security settings and, if installed, the firewall and antivirus software to ensure they're not monopolizing the USB ports or blocking the printer's ability to respond.


For help with computer settings, you may refer to Apple Support (non-Canon link:


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Hi, I am happy to report that the March2020 version of the driver indeed works on my mac. The only problem now is that everything is printed 2-sided (while the setting says 1-sided and is grayed out).

Hi adamny3.


Depending on the program or app, Mac OS may have two or three points where Two Sided Printing may be affected.  If the option in the upper area of the print window cannot be changed, check the submenus.


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