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imageCLASS MF3010 Cannot communicate with scanner


Hi, I need help! My new Canon3010 printer/scanner is driving me nuts!

It constantly gives me the Cannot communicate with scanner message when I try to scan and just stalls. But then once in a while (like once in 20 tries) it might work and I can print. Previously I could do a whole batch of scans (though with interruptions due to this same message). Now I could only do a single document in three hours of trying (so it's not a temporary internet interruption).

Nothing I do seems to fix it. I've tried turning on and off all the appliances (Router, Laptop, Printer), I've checked my internet speed/connection (averages 200 Mbps), I've tried using the direct LAN connection, I've checked that this printer is the default one on my Laptop.

So, frustrating! The laptop and printer are clearly communicating (scan starts, test-pages print) but something keeps blocking the scanning. 

What is my problem? How to fix this. The thing is useless if I can only scan once in a blue moon and have no idea what's blocking it. Am losing hours of productivity here.

With thanks, Jeremy

Canon connection problems.JPG




This communication failure is likely caused by a firewall or security software. Something affecting the ScanGear application, not printing.   

What OS (version and build) are you using the printer with?

Its connected via ethernet to your router?

You do not need internet connectivity for the printer to operate.  Example, if your internet was down for whatever reason, you'd still be able to print and devices on your home network would still be able to communicate.  So bandwidth or speed is not related.  

Do you have any 3rd party Anti-Virus or security software installed?

I've seen cases where IPv6 can also cause communication issues.  

Bay Area - CA

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