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imageCLASS MF267dw Breaking a Single-Page Scan into Multiple Pages


If you are from Canon - READ THIS ENTIRE POST BEFORE GIVING ME A CANNED, SCRIPTED ANSWER.  Running Windows 11 and connected to the scanner via a wifi internet connection.  Scanner was working fine scanning one page with an output of one page and then suddenly acted like it was recognizing white space on the pages and began scanning one page into multiple pages.  For example in the days prior if I scanned 10 pages I would get a 10 page pdf file.  Now if I scan 10 pages I get pdf of around 100 pages.  AND YES I HAVE UPDATED EVERYTHING - both the scanner and my computer - still wants to break one page into multiple.  Uninstalled and reinstalled the driver software - same problem.  PLUGGED AND UNPLUGGED EVERYTHING - zero change. Someone else on here was having the same problem without getting an actual answer other than a few useless canned responses.  As an aside, I have a backup Canon MF4880dw that is working perfectly fine with scanning - so it is NOT my computer.


Product Expert
Product Expert


The issue could be caused by a connection issue, settings in the MF scan utility or the hardware.

If you are connecting over a network, you can try unplugging the router from the power for 5 seconds and then trying another scan once the network is back up to see if it improves. If you are connecting via USB, you can try another port or connecting directly to a port on the computer without using a hub or docking station.

You can also check the settings in the MF scan utility that controls the scanner. You can locate the MF scan utility in your list of installed programs under a folder marked Canon Utilities. You can click the option for settings in the lower right and check the settings for your documents scans or any of the options that you use in the IJ scan utility. Once you have the option for document or photo selected, you can check the paper size setting to see what it is set to. You can view the MF scan utility settings using the manual link HERE.

If the document size is set correctly and you have tried other ports on the computer or restarted your network, there is a chance that there is a problem with the hardware. You can check your available service options by contacting support over the phone at 1-800-652-2666. Our agents would be happy to assist with checking what might be causing the problem or they can provide any available service options.

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