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imageCLASS MF232w Poor print quality and horizontal line.


I recently changed the toner on our ImageClass MF232w printer and now a horizontal line is printed on each sheet and the printing is fairly light.  We've used the printer for years with no problems. Is there a way to clean off the line and/or improve the quality?

Thank you in advance for your help.


Rising Star

I'm not familiar with the 232 (I own a 743Cdw). If the 232 has onboard maintenance functions, have they been run to try to resolve the issue? Other general thoughts would be to power down and unplug the printer for a while. Short of that, reach out to Canon Customer Support to determine if the unit needs to be serviced.


Thank you for replying. I found the option to Clean the Fixing Assembly, changed the settings to legal paper (per the instructions), and got the response that it couldn't run the operation.... I've turned the printer on and off, unplugged it and left it alone and no luck. I'll contact Canon. 

Update: I figured out the problem with trying to get the "Clean Fixing Assembly" to work. The paper needs to be fed info the manual feed, which drops down over the paper tray. This manual is a much better resource than the basic user manual: Canon imageCLASS MF232w Manual - Page 1 of 477 |

The basic user manual doesn't include any info about the menu items.

For anyone who happens to have a similar problem check out the user manual (link above), but follow these basic steps to run the clean:

Press "menu" button. Press "down" arrow to get to "Clean Fixing Assembly", press "OK" button, feed paper in the manual feed tray (MF). With the cover down on the paper tray, pull the manual feed tray down (the latch is kind of hidden above) and put in a legal size sheet of paper. Then start. It should take a little over a minute.

Running the clean definitely helped the quality of the print and eliminated the horizontal line.

Thank you for your help. 

Always like to hear good news! Thank you for posting the results. 🙂