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imageCLASS MF216n W-2 entries print out as squares


hi, we have a basic Canon imageCLASS MF216n laser printer that needs something. i tried printing w2 tax forms from Social Security site and all the info entered came out as small squares.  The tax form wasn't altered, but the specific numbers and letters i'd entered were gibberish squares.  Our 2013 Mac OS was just updated to the Catalina operating system, which is most current available for this geezer computer.  We're tech cave people and don't use it for anything requiring speed or memory, and it is much zippier with new Catalina.  However, i'm pitifully lost in fixing the problem.  Apple has superb tech advisors who've helped with our old machine countless times, but they won't venture into the printer glitch.  Before we "updated" to the 2019 Catalina operating system, the w2 printout was the same little squares, so my caveman diagnosis is that the Social Security website requires a more modern computer to handle their digital load.  Please advise, sincerely, Fred Flintstone




Sometimes when a OS upgrade is performed, certain peripherals can loose functionality or experience  issues.  

I would recommend removing the printer from your MAC.  Restarting the system, then running the upgraded installer for Catalina.

MF216n support portal

Select MAC, Mac Catalina for OS.  There are 2 downloads for the device.  Printer drivers and a Scanner driver.  Start with the updated printer drivers, then run the scanner drivers installer.

Retest and let us know the results.  

Bay Area - CA

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Rick, you bless me.  Wasn't sure if anyone would respond, and you went above and beyond!   I'll do these steps sometime this week, and hopefully regain use of printer.  You described it clearly, and it seems simple enough.  Will let you know.  Grateful for you Rick, Bill Ross

hi Rick, we have given up on this 2013 dinosaur and haven't tried your recommended downloads.  Painfully slow for any task, and we are ready to get a new Mac, hopefully a user friendly basic model.  no more printing woes.  thank you again for reaching out.