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i-SENSYS MF754Cdw - Setting a default scan destination?


I have many stacks of documents here that need to be scanned. Each stack should be its own PDF and saved to a NAS. The NAS is already stored in the address book as destination.

The steps are as follows then:
Scan -> File -> Address Book -> NAS -> Apply -> Color Start -> [wait for scan to finish] -> Close
Then, for the next stack, I have to repeat all steps after "File" because it resets the destination. The option called "Favorite Settings" resets the destination after every scan as well.

Is there anything I missed or am I going to have to select the same destination over and over again a few hundred times?
Technically it's probably the only destination anything ever gets scanned to. So can't I just have the NAS as default destination for any and all scanning purposes?



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Your scan to destination can use an IP or FQDN in its path.


\\<FQDN>\<name of share>\path...

\\<IP>\<name of share>\path...

I use "computer" as destination for my QNAP.  

Each scan operation or job is considered "new".

A way around this is to set a custom job with the with the save to path as the NAS.  Now each time this job is initiated, it's going to the save to the same place. 

Let us know if this helps.

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