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Why does my Canon MB2320 printer always show "offline"


My Canon MB2320 continually shows "offline" and when I use the troubleshooter, it says the printer is turned off.  The lights are on, it's plugged in, it's not turned off.  WTF?  I have had more problems with this printer.  It's worthless.  I can't reinstall it; I've removed and reinstalled it several times; now it won't even recognize it.  It's wireless; finally got it to recognize my router, but now it won't even do that.  However, it won't let me change the settings.This printer is a POS.  



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I have the same issue.  I rebooted my router for the Internet "offline" issue.  I also ordered another USB cable for direct access.  When you are installing the printer, if the computer doesn't recognize the right printer and driver, you know that the printer is not communicating.  Especially if the WI-FI button is not lined through.  This resolved the access on the Internet issue.  I'm waiting on my USB cable.  Good Luck

Product Expert
Product Expert

Hi piscatory,


To connect your MAXIFY MB2320 to your wireless network, please follow these steps:


 1.  Press the HOME button on your MAXIFY MB2320.


 2.  Swipe the screen and then tap Setup.


 3.  Select Device Settings.


 4.  Tap LAN settings.


 5.  Press STOP for other connection methods.


 6.  Tap Standard setup. Your MAXIFY MB2320 will search for your wireless network.


 7.  Select your wireless network from the list.


 8.  Tap the screen to enter your wireless network password.


 9.  Tap OK once set.


If you continue to have difficulties using your MAXIFY MB2320 wirelessly, we can help.  Please contact our support group using the following link:

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Patrick: I do all of those, yet it only works a quarter of the time.  I end up removing and re-installing the printer several times before it will work.  When I try and re-install it, it takes several searches for it to even find the printer.  I've spent hours trying to get this printer to work.  When I finally do, there's no guarantee it will work the next time.  I'll try to print and it will say "Printer offline".

So Patrick: You haven't replied. WTF is wrong with this printer?  It will occasionally print, then the next time I try it will say the printer is offline.  I remove the printer and reinstall it (sometimes several times) and finally it will print again.  Then the next time I try to print it says "printer offline".  This printer is the biggest POS I've ever owned.  I will never buy anything from Canon again. At one time Canon had quality products but now their quality and service are in the toilet.

Patrick: The only solution I see is to throw this POS Canon in the trash and go buy an HP.  You've not responded; I do all you say to do and it STILL doesn't work.  I can finally get it to print for a bit, but once I turn off the computer I have to remove and reinstall the printer, drivers, and then it MIGHT work.  Now it says printer is online, but I get an error message that "printer not responding.  Really?  This is the WORST printer I've ever used.  Also, the WORST customer servicve.  Your link in my e-mail doesn't even work.