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Vertical Stripe (with characters) When Printing/Copying Two-Sided, MF4350d Image Class


Lately I am getting a 1/2 inch wide vertical stripe of unreadable characters that runs the full vertical length of a letter-size page page, on the reverse side when doing two-sided printing or copying. The blurred stripe is approximately 3" from the left hand edge of the sheet. Sometimes a small amount of similar blurred stripe app appears on the first side about 3" from the right edge of the sheet.  


I have made sure I am using standard Letter-size paper. I have run the Fuser RolIer cleaning function a few times (MENU-->9 ADJUST./CLEANING-->FIX.UNIT CLEANING-->OK) but it does not fix the issue. 


It seems obvious a roller is dirty but it's interesting that characters (not just blurry toner) appears, so it seems like something is getting transferred as a stripe. 


Any help or ideas would be appreciated!! The machine is an MF4350d (Model F156602) all-in-one.




Can we see a picture of this?


If there isn't something physically caught in the printer or duplexer, then the problem is likely related to the driver or a setting.

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Yes, here are a couple of pics from page 2 of a  2-page, double sided print-out. Included are a close up of the defect, plus a whole page. It's a Word doc with Times Roman text at 11 pt. font size, printed on letter-size 20 lb. standard paper.


(Sorry, the Community site Blur 2 - Close Up.jpgseems to want to show these images sideways.)


Any diagnostic help is appreciated!


Blur 1.jpg

Hi gregger59.


Thank you for the examples.  If cleaning the fixing roller didn't correct this problem, then the problem is on the roller for the toner cartridge itself.  Try replacing the toner cartridge.


If you need immediate assistance with this issue, please contact us using the numbers and information at


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I just put in a brand new toner cartridge, but the problem is exactly the same as before.


Any other ideas, folks? 


The image is helpful. 


Something is either stuck in the paper transport mechanism or a feeder is bindiing.


More inclined to think something is stuck as a feeding or binding issue would probably result in a crinkle or wrinkle in the paper. 


Remove the duplexer and inspect. something is causing the transfer to of the printed text.   

Bay Area - CA

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Hi gregger59.

If replacing the toner cartridge didn't correct the problem, then it is probably something stuck or not moving correctly inside the printer.  If you're located within the U.S., please contact us using the numbers and information at to help find or arrange for service.  If the printer is outside of the warranty period, then printer repair service will incur a fee through the service provider.

Thanks Rick & Darius.


I don't recall having any jams or missing/torn sheets, so not sure what would have caused something to get stuck.


On this model, the whole paper "cassette" as well as as the multi-purpose paper tray are affixed to, and built into the bottom of, the printer housing. I have examined the printer and the manual and don't see any clear way to identify or remove the duplexer. Do I have to try and remove the housing to reach this?


Any DIY tips appreciated (I am reasonably competent).


Darius, the printer is old enough (about 10 years?) that the cost of a service visit would exceed its replacement value.




- G.

Hi gregger59,

Have you found a way to solve this? I have the same problem, but I have figured out that after some pages printed, the problem stops or reduce drastically.

Is that happening with your printer as well?


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