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Please Help Canon MF634Cdw WiFi connection issues


I have a Canon Color ImageCLASS MF634Cdw laser printer that disconnects from the Wifi. (The wifi and the printer are in the same room about 15 feet away.)  The printer will work well for a few weeks using Wifi, then nothing... the printer shows that it is not connected to the Wifi.  I try to connect with android phones, Windows 10 PCs without any luck. I then power off the Wifi, unplug the printer for a minute. Occasionally that will do the trick, but often time not. I have done a default reset on the printer a couple of times, and uninstall and reinstall the Printer software (and Android App) but often times the PCs and Phones can not find the printer during the installations. Eventually the printer will come back online on, but it sometimes take hours or even a couple of days and multible attemps by me to get it connected. (I am really frustrated)
  Any help fixing this problem would be very very appreciated. Thanks for your Help!





Hi Tmjkmak.


The fastest resolution will be through our phone-based support.  Our support is available at 1-800-OK-CANON (1-800-652-2666) Monday-Friday from 10:00 am to 6:30 pm ET, excluding holidays.


On your own, you can try checking the printer's signal strength; ensure it's reporting as "Good" or better.  If the signal strength is too low, try moving the printer closer to the router (no closer than ~ 2 ft), and/or minimize obstructions between them.  Also, if this problem occurs again, check the printer's wireless information to see if it's still trying to communicate with the network.


If the power in the area has gone out around the times that the printer is losing connection, power off the printer and the router, wait ~ 12 seconds, power on the router only, and wait for it to come fully online before powering on the printer.


Since the network is controlled by the router/modem, you may need to check and change settings on the router itself to ensure it stops forgetting/ending the printer's connection to the network.


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I did go through with calling phone support. I did tell the phone tech all the things I had done to remedy the problem. 1 restore the factory default on the printer and a factory resent on the router. 2 update the printers firm ware. 3 delete the printer and software then reinstall Canons Windows drivers with the auto setings. 4. Left my Wi-Fi unsecure for a day to see if that made any difference.  5 created a static ip address. Signal strength is good on the printer, but neither the laptops, desktop, tablet ,or Android phones are able to communicate with the printer. The Wi-Fi router and printer are in the same room 15 feet away.I


After explaining all this The Canon tech ...he had me set up static UP address (again) The printer worked for a few hours and then cycle has started over again. I have a 50 pound paper weight.  lol 


If anyone has any ideas I would be happy to try them out. I really think there might be something faulty with the printer's main board????

Thanks for your time and ideas.

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