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PC1060 paper jam


The paper keeps jamming (binding up) where the roller meet the toner carfridge. I marked the toner cylinder and it DOES turn.

Everything there seems fine.

I just got it so i don't know if the roller was replaced with the wrong type maybe?????

Can someone tell me what to troubleshoot???



Hi the_0utsider1,


Please try these basic steps when feeding paper in the unit.

1.  Check that the paper weight being used is within spec of 20 lb.

2.  Check that the paper guides are being used to hold the paper in place.

3.  Check that the ADF tray or cassette is not overloaded.

If the paper is jamming at the fixing assembly
perform the following steps to remove the paper jam.

1.  Lift the platen unit lever and slide the platen unit.
2.  Open the cartridge cover.
3.  Remove the cartridge from the machine.
4.  Flip the transfer guide.
5.  Gently remove any jammed paper from inside the main unit.
6.  Return the cartridge back into the machine, and then close the cartridge cover.
7.  Open the right cover.
8.  Gently remove any jammed paper from inside the main unit, then close the right cover.
9.  Pull out the cassette and reset any paper stuck out of the cassette. Then, push the cassette back into the main unit.
10.  Slide the platen unit to the original position.


If you continue to have difficulties, please contact our support group using the following link:



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