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Maxify MB2720 black header can't be calibrated


I am not sure what to do here, my printer started missing lines when printing (50% of the text or so) The test page prints perfectly fine except for the "BK" label that is missaligned and cut (image 1 below), the original page is crisp but I only used a 200 dpi resolution when scanning). Text in colors have no issues, it is only with the black one and not only for printing, when using the copying function the same thing happens. It seems the header needs alignment but I have tried it manually, the two pages printed after that make no sense to me (images 2 and 3 below) and finally when trying to do manual calibration, the page I get is incomplete and wont allow me to do it (image 4). Any ideas about what I can do? Printer is less than 3 years old. Thanks!SCN_0027_page-0001.jpgSCN_0027_page-0002.jpgSCN_0027_page-0003.jpgSCN_0027_page-0004.jpg



It seems printer life spam is ~3 years 😞  I will have to look elsewhere

Product Expert
Product Expert

Hello Larce,

The issue looks like there is is a problem with the black ink tank or the nozzles are clogged in the print head. In this situation, you can try performing 2 deep cleanings to see if the black ink start to print the full bar in the nozzle check. If that does not resolve the issue, you can also try replacing the black ink tank. If that does not resolve the issue, it looks like the print head is damaged or the printer needs service.

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