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MF8580Cdw not working on cloud print


I bought my MF8580Cdw for a number of reason, one of which was the ability to connect as a cloud printer.

This worked fine for quite a while, then started to be really troublesome. After de-registering, clearing settings, and setting up again, it worked for a few days, then the same... I went through this cycle a few times, not it does not work at all and I have had to set it up as a "classic" cloud print printer. Not an ideal solution, as this requires that the computer used to register it is connected to the same network and logged on. I see this only as a temporary, half way solution (best I can get right now).

Having followed different discussions about this printer, I see that there is a firmware update that "probably" fixes this issue.

If & when will this be made available? I am starting work in a different town to where I live, and really need to get cloud printing working properly. If this is not fixed soon, then I will probably end up with no choice, but to buy another printer (non Canon)... a shame as I ortherwise like this printer... but unavoidable.


Example thread that mentions this firmware from Canon!topic/gcp-developers/U3iFCEd8oiE

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