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MF741CDW Imageclass toner cartridge error


My printer is telling me that it has counterfeit or missing toner cartridges installed and I am unable to print at all. Is there a way around this such as an override or a way manually reset the toner status?


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Are non-Canon toner cartridges being used? 🤔

Yes, there is an override:

Menu->Management Settings->Device Management-> (log in as Administrator if applicable)->Canon Genuine Mode-> (turn off).

I used non-genuine cartridges but to save a few more bucks, the ones I got didnt come with a microchip on the cartridges. I instead removed the chip from the empty one and used it in the new one, but now the printer remembers that these cartridge microchips belong to an "empty" cartridge. Know of a way to reset this so it doesnt think I have old/empty cartridges installed?

I dom't know of a way to "reset" the microchips.

Not all that long ago, Canon ran into a microchip shortage situation that caused problems for users of imageRUNNER models.

Try enabling Override Mode and see if that helps with alarms related to toner cartridges.

Thanks, any idea how to enable override mode? Lol.

I posted the path a few comments above. 😁

Oh right, I did that before I even posted here. It didnt help but thanks for the input anyway. I learned the hard way.. Never buy cartridges without chips. Very frustrating.

I purchase the Canon high yield version of the toner cartridges for my 743. Expensive...yes, but they tend to hold up well in our house (which includes a work from home accountant for a major hospital chain in the area).

My replacement ones are high yield also, but theyre not OEM and didnt come with the chip. At the time I bought, I didnt realize the printer tracked which cartridges were previously used.. I logged into the printer's user interface and it shows every cartridge I ever installed, including the date I installed it, and how much of it I used. Really sort of ridiculous. Seems to be a ploy to make people buy OEM products and pay through the nose.

The inclusion of the override in the menu structure should allow for non-OEM toner usage. Now that I think of it, the option might not fully disable error messages, but act as an override to allow the unit to function with non-chipped cartridges.

Of course, manufacturers such as Canon, Kyocera, Epson, HP and others make more money from the sale of ink & toner than from the sale of machines themselves.