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MF656Cdw One toner change and dirty output!


I recently replaced my very first toner cartridge on this new printer (bought last March) and immediately have black smudges along the left side of every printed page, front and back.  I followed all directions on changing out the cartridge, didn't touch anything BUT the cartridge. I have done the 2 Clean functions from the Maintenance Menu (Fixing Assembly, ITB) with no change. Where do I go from there?  I have to replace a Yellow toner cartridge soon and  would just as soon not start getting Yellow smudges from the moment it is replaced.




Did the streaking occur prior to the toner change?  Has toner been spilled inside on the paper path?

Bay Area - CA

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Very first toner cartridge, so no streaking prior.  No way to know if toner spilled, as I followed the replacement instructions exactly as described in the Canon cartridge.  I saw no toner on the way in or out.

Post Toner change.  I literally cannot SEE inside the paper path, do you have a suggestion on how to get the toner cartridge drawer out of the way? Every component within the paper path is black, so looking for black toner is a challenge regardless.