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MF5750 scanner light not turning off in power save mode


Hello All,

I have just become the proud owner of a Canon MF5750.  While it may be a printer from a bygone age, it's exactly what I need and I will keep it running as long as I can.

When the printer goes to "Sleep" or Power Saving mode the display turns off but the light  used by the scanner is staying on.  I belive that light is a Compact Florecent so I'm not terribly worried about the energy drain I'm more worried that it will kill the light for no good reason running it 24/7. 
Is this normal for this printer?
Is there any way to fix it?





Hi mattbatt.

If the light in the scanner area of the MF5750 is not turning off, even in energy-saver mode, then the printer itself may need to be replaced soon.  The MF5700 series has been out of service life for several years, and I do not expect that the necessary replacement parts would be available.


If you're in the U.S., you can view our current models at the following page in the Canon Online Store:


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So it's not normal, thank you for that.  I had to take it apart to fix the issue that caused the previoius owner to toss it to the curb. I may have inadvertendly unpluged something I'll have to take a look.   It's still a great printer you guys make quality stuff even if the scanner stops working. 

Thank you for your response Darius.

Hello mattbatt.


I have the same "problem" with the scanner light not turning off. Did you solve this or you just ingnoring it?


Thank you.

No I never did find a way to turn off the light.
I thought I had fixed all the problems with my free printer but apparently there is still an issue where it pulls up multiple pages and then gets stuck every time it prints. So I have it unplugged currently.

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