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MAXIFY MB2720 Printhead prints terrible.


Windows 8, 10, 10 Pro, 11, 11 Pro... Model seams to not really matter in my case.


I have had three or four Canon Printers of various models.  The Pixma is definitely not a good printer for me so I took that back within a week of purchase.  I discovered the Maxify MB Series and really liked it.  Notice I said "liked", as in past tense.  The problem I have with the Maxify MB Series is the Printhead always messes up and causes me to waste ink.  After a few months the printhead starts to mess up the print so I have to run the cleaning tool.  I do that at least four times each time I need to print anything.  I had that problem with my Maxify MB2320 so I threw it in the dump and bought a Maxify MB2720.  After a few months on it, it started doing the exact same thing with the printhead.  I feel that I should not have to run the cleaning tool four or more times each time I want to print.  So far I haven't found an email to email Canon Support.  If anyone has a support email, please share it with me.  An email, not a phone number.  I do not talk on the phone, I hate phones.  In the mean time, does anyone have any ideas as to how I can get my Maxify MB2720 to print good, quality prints?  Running the cleaning tool wastes a lot of time also.  Thank you in advance.