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MAXIFY MB2100 Draft Mode?


Above 2016 instructions do not work.

I own a MB2100 and what changed for me is the method of selection. Instead of the classic slide (draft, standard, high). I have a drop down option that only gives me standard and high qualities. I have tried selecting different paper types to see if that gives me different options, but no luck.

Can somebody confirm on whether the MB2100 (or I suppose the MB series in general) is capable of printing in draft mode? If not, this sounds like a huge oversight from Canon not including this feature.


Product Expert
Product Expert

Hello ScooterD3,

The printers that are in the Maxify series would only have the quality options for standard and high. Unfortunately the Maxify series of printers does not have the same quality settings as our Pixma or Pro-series inkjet printers. The standard setting will be used as the default for most media types and the high setting should only be used when using certain specialty/third party papers the needs more ink applied to the paper.