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LBP621Cw - Manual Duplex Mode



I bought a Canon LBP621Cw which I understand that auto-duplex isn't available. But in any printer you should have the ability for manual duplex printing; meaning you print the odd-set of pages first and then flip-over the printed pages and re-insert them, print the other set of pages in the back of the papers.

This software feature isn't available on Canon LBP621Cw and I have tried different drivers in the same printer series without any luck.

Any help/suggestion would be greatly appreciated.





Although I understand the concept (what you are trying to do), I have never heard of it referred to as a "feature".  


What you are describing would be a time consuming and laborious, manual process.


I would suggest buying a duplex printer.  Why put yourself through the inconvenience and torture.  Very little additional money that would save you hours of your life in time and evergy.

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Hi shadowsports,
It's not that laborious to simply flip the pages and re-insert them to the feeding tray... ☺️
This option was there in my good old epson stylus and Canon ip 1980 basic inkjet printers as well. This is the first printer that I came across that this option isn't available. I couldn't believe that Canon failed to include such a simple option to a Laser printer.
Hope they will include this on an driver update.