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LBP236dw printer issues


My LBP236dw printer is connected to an iMacPro running OS 10.15.7 and is connected over my network. I can print, but often the computer can't find the printer and the Printer & Scanners preferences show the printer as "in use". The only solution seems to be to turn the printer off then on again. Once it has printed a job it works just fine for awhile until I come back to it a few hours later.

Also, in the print dialog under Layout Two-sided printing is greyed out. The printer automatically prints multi-page documents on both sides, but in the (unlikely) event that I want only one side printing how do I get that?

Finally, does the printer keep track of the number of pages it has printed on this cartridge? If so, how can I access that information?


Product Expert
Product Expert

Hello Barryghall.

The printer has the ability to track how many pages it has printed, but it is unable to check the page count per toner cartridge. The "In Use" issue would point to the wrong driver being used or a poor network connection. You can try downloading and installing the PS Printer Driver & Utilities for Mac V4.17.14 from our Canon USA site.

Once the drivers have been downloaded, you can click Click on the apple in the upper left hand corner of the screen and then click on system preferences. Once in system preferences click on Printers and Scanners. In printers and scanners, you can try using the - at the bottom of the list to remove any connections for the printer. 

Once the printer has been cleared from the list, you can click the + and the add printer window will appear. You can highlight the printer and before clicking add, make sure the printer name appears in the USE drop down box near the add button.

If you continue to have issues reaching the printer, you can try unplugging your router from the power for 5 seconds to see if the communication comes back online or you can try moving the printer to get a better signal.

If the problem persist, I would suggest contacting support over the phone at 1-800-652-2666, our agents would be happy to assist.

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