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Imageclass D530 says Out of Paper, then jams


Suddenly, my D530 started giving me an error message when I try to print or copy.  It says there is no paper in the drawer and tells me to load paper.  There IS paper in the drawer, but when I clear the error message and attempt to print or copy, the paper rolls halfway up and jams.  Then I get the Paper Jam message, and I go through all the steps to clear it.  Then when I try again, it tells me there is no paper.  Next I get the jam.  It is this one-two error every single time.  Help.



My D550 does the same thing! Any suggestions?

After trying everything possible I gave up and bought a reconditioned one, same model.  This model is discontinued, but I had a new unopened toner cartridge that I did not want to waste.  The reconditioned one looks new and works great so far.  If it lasts long enough to use the toner I will be happy.


Hi barkingbeagle,


Click HERE for information on the No Paper error you are receiving.  Click HERE for instructions on clearing paper jams.


If you continue to have difficulties, please contact our support group using the following link:

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