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ImageClass MF644CDW Printer Scanning Issues

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I purchased an ImageClass printer after my 10 years old Canon Pixma died, but it seems the scanning software with this printer is not as user friendly or robust as the scanning software with my old Pixma, or I am missing something.  


Using the MF Scan Utility, I cannot figure out how to accomplish the following:


When scanning 100's of pages and there is a jam (and there are plenty), how do you clear the scan and make it continue without starting the scan over?  I don't want to combine separate PDF files after each jam (which can sometimes be every few pages).


Like the question above, when scanning documents over 20 pages, how do you make it to continue scanning and not create a PDF file so I can put the next stack in the feeder?  I have tried adding another stack before it finishes the first stack, that usually results in a paper jam, which takes me back to the first issue.


How do you remove blank pages when scanning double sided and come across single sided sections of a document?  



If anyone has insight, it would be most appreciated.  The pixma software you could easily pick up where you left off and remove pages you don't need before saving as a PDF which is what I was anticipating with this printer.


Thank you so much!



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Re: ImageClass MFB44CDW Printer Scanning Issues


Re: ImageClass MFB44CDW Printer Scanning Issues.


The "B"  key isn't near any number keys, curious which model do you have?


644CDw (US) or 744CDw (UK) ??


Preface.  Most (but not all) printers do not allow resume after a ADF jam.  I think some of the ImageRunners we have in the office may support this, but not the 644 or 744


The ADF on these support up to 50 sheets,  You can adjust the following behavior.  Divide scanned pages individually or as one single .PDF, But  only up to 50 sheets.


For the both models, see page 295 in the product manual.

<File Format> <Set PDF Details> Select the PDF format <Divide into Pages> Select <Off> or



But that only controls 1~50 pages.  (single PDF or one file).  These models are not designed to scan hundreds of pages.


How to confirm.  Load the AF and initiate a scan 1~50 pages.  When all pages have been scanned, the Save dialog will appear.  Load more papges. If you are not given the option to continue, then 50 pages is the limit.


Removing blank pages from .PDF's.

Adobe DC or Acrobat Pro supports Redaction which allows you to remove text, blank or unwanted pages from .PDF's.

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Re: ImageClass MF644CDW Printer Scanning Issues

Hi Rick,


Thanks for you response, my apologies, it is the MF644cdw (looks like a “b” on the front of the printer).


Yes, the hopper can hold about 50 pages.  No mater the scanner/printer, you are going to have jams.  The latest document I am trying to scan, somewhere in the middle it jams and stops and there is no way that I have figured out to clear the jam and pick up where you left off. 


In 2 days, I have yet to get a successful batch to scan and  have to keep starting over and over because of a jam.  

The Pixma, you cleared the jam and it prompted you to continue.  I could even make it work by combing multiple PDF's if I could get full batch to scan without a jam. 





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Re: ImageClass MF644CDW Printer Scanning Issues

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I just discovered a solution that works for me.  I downloaded this free software (search for Naps2), and it works very much like I was used to with the pixma.  You can continue scanning multiple batches into a single document, jams don't force you to start over from the beginning,  you can delete pages before PDF'ing the file, rotate upside down pages, remove blank pages,  and saving files is much easier (my documents are saved to multiple drives and if found the MS scan software very cumbersome).


Hope this helps others like me, I no longer want to throw my MF644cdw out the window.   


Best regards,



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