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ImageClass D570 (maybe others) - Big Sur Scan To PC


Ok, so whether or not this is a permanent fix remains to be seen. However, I have searched and searched and called Canon for help getting the "Scan->PC" button on my ImageCLASS D570 to scan an image to my Mac running Big Sur 11.3.1
No one has had the answer so I'm posing my fix right now. This assumes you are using your printer on your network, correctly connected to the same network, and the latest drivers have been installed and the printer is added to your printer preference panel and you can currently print to the printer, view the supply levels, and scan from the preference pane. 
Canon, if you call them, will have you add the printer by its IP address, don't, when you add the printer to the preference pane, add it, and use Airprint. don't try to outsmart yourself. Let the Mac do what it does best, and figure out how to properly connect with the printer. This is a failure of Canon's tech support to understand the OS, not a failure of the printer or the OS itself.

If you've done all that right, you'll find a folder at: /Applications/Canon MF Utilities

But to start this Go to:
System Preferences->Security & Privacy
Choose the Firewall tab
The firewall will be on. If it is not, this fix will not work for you, if you have norton, why? And also I don't know how to help you other that to tell you to get rid of norton it's worse than any virus you can get.
But if the firewall is on, click the lock in the lower left corner of the window and enter your admin password. Now click the "Firewall Options" (DO NOT TURN OFF THE FIREWALL)
in the window that appear click the + symbol under the list of applications (if there are any). Now in the file selection dialog go to /Applications/Canon MF Utilities and choose "Canon MF Scan Utility" then click ok and make sure it is set to "Allow incoming connections"
Next click the + and navigate to /Applications/Canon MF Utilities and choose "MF Toolbox" and add it and make sure it can get incoming connections.

Ok you're done, close the preferences. Now got to /Applications/Canon MF Utilities and double click Canon MF Scan Utility.
Now go ahead and follow the normal procedure for scanning directly from the printer's control pad. 
If you still have no joy quit the conon app, turn the printer off, then turn it back on after a few seconds, and relaunch the app on the computer.
Or if worst comes to worst, reboot the mac, restart the printer, and try again.

I hope this helps because canon will tell you "It's a known issue with Big Sur." Also let the world know if this works on other printers/devices because it looks like a problem that spans the entire printer world, be it canon, HP, brother, etc.