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ImageCLASS MF656Cdw paper/tray settings present constant error message


I have a new ImageClass MF656Cdw printer and it simply will not print without me clearing a tray/paper error message. I have tried:

1) installing the drivers that came on the CD with the printer

2) changing the print settings on my PC

3) changing the paper settings on the Printer's touch screen (I don't know exactly what weight paper I have loaded but I've tried various settings for light, medium and heavy, letter paper).

4) YouTube

5) This forum

Yes, I can get this to print if I go and clear the error message but it's an annoyance I'm sure someone here knows how to save my sanity. Thanks in advance! 



I solved this exact same problem quite easily. Go to the printer settings. Look in printer queue. When the box opens select Canon 656cdw. Most likely the fax setting was checked during the installation. Once you also check the printer name back out or close the printer queue settings. Now, the printer recognizes itself ad you won't get the error message again. No need to mess around with codes or the UI.

I really appreciate your input. I am not sure what box you're talking about, however. I open the printer cue and there are just the three main drop-downs: Printer, Document, View. There is no place to select Canon 656cdw where I am.

I must be in a different screen than what you're trying to get me to. Do you have the patience to provide a little more info? 







It doesn't makes sense your issue was resolved and returned within a day?   

What is the exact error you are receiving when you try to print? 

It sounds like a paper mis-match error?

Bay Area - CA

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Same issue I described before. Every time I print it tells me to load paper and or confirm type of paper in tray. I guess I'm just going to have to put up with it.

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