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Image Class LBP612CDW Sleep Mode


Is there anyway to turn off the sleep mode in this printer? I mostly use it for Air Printing and when it is in sleep mode my devices can't find it.

When i first got it, the Energy saver light flashed and it would wake up, but now the light stays steady and it does not wake up to print unless I phusically go to the printer and press the Energy Saver button.



You need to figure out the IP address of the printer.  It'll look something like:, where the xxx is some 1-3 digit number.  If you know how to get it, you can type that number into a web browser and access the web server of the printer.  When you get to the login page, just log in.  By default a username and password is not needed.


Then click "Settings/Registration" at the far right of the page.


Next click "Timer Settings" in the left menu.


Then click "Edit" on the far right.


You shoud see the options for changing the sleep settings there.


Hi Basilrene.


Though there is no way to completely disable the energy saver mode, you can also set the machine to enter the Energy Saver Mode at a specific time. Please follow the steps at the link below:


Entering Sleep Mode


If you have any other questions, or require further assistance, please call us at 1-800-OK-CANON (652-2666), Monday - Friday 10:00 a.m. to 6:30 p.m. ET (excluding holidays).

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Thanks! I tried that setting of turning on energy saver mode @ 1:00 am and off @ 10:00 am but didn’t seem to work. With give 24 hours to cycle through and see if the new setting take.


These instructions are for a MF743CDW printer, but I suspect all the canon laser printers have similar settings - YMMV


I changed the following settings and it fixed the problem - I now have the Printer set to sleep after 1 minute and Air Print works All Day!!


1.  Change the Wireless LAN ECO mode setting to OFF

     Home  >>  Menu  >>  Preferences  >>  Network  >>  Wireless LAN Settings  >>  Power Save Mode  >>  Off

This ensures the Wireless connection remains ON while the Printer is in Sleep Mode allowing wireless printing (Air Priint and PC/MAC Printing) to connect to the printer and accept print jobs while the Printer is in Sleep Mode


2. Change the Wireless IP address to a Static IP address instead of a Dynamic IP Address (DHCP)

    Home  >>  Menu  >>  Preferences  >>  Network  >>  TCP/IP Settings  >>  IPv4 Settings  >>  IP Address Settings  >>  Auto Acquire  >>  Off


   Home  >>  Menu  >>  Preferences  >>  Network  >>  TCP/IP Settings  >>  IPv4 Settings  >>  IP Address Settings  >> Manually Acquire  >> [ Enter your Home network specific IPv4 settings ] 


This ensures the IP Address assigned to the printer does not expire (DHCP lease timeout) while the printer is in sleep mode. 

Note: If you turn Auto Acquire ON and let the printer obtain a dynamic (DHCP) IP address and then turn Auto Acquire OFF the Manually Acquire will retain the previous Network settings and they can be used as is to create a Static IP Address.


3. Change the Wireless LAN Settings to use a TLS connection for IPP printing

    Home  >>  Menu  >>  Preferences  >>  Network  >>  TCP/IP Settings  >>  IPP Print Settings  >>  Allow IPP Printing Only w/ TLS  >>  On


The Apple Air Print protocol relies on the Internet Printing Protocol (IPP) and requires a secure encrypted connection (TLS).


I'm not 100% sure if all three (3) of these options are requried to support Air Print.


I had options 1 and 2 enabled for some time, but did not have success with Air Print until I applied option 3 (IPP over TLS).


I hope this information helps someone else down the road!!


I am having the same problem, but on Windows.

I'll never buy Canon again.

Worst printer ever.  Spend way too much time fixing an adjusting.

DH's printer (different brand) doesn't have all these issues.

I will be filing a federal complaint if they don't update the firmware and fix these massive problems.

Do they even read any of these?  See a pattern?

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