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How do I stop double sided or 2-sided printing on my Canon MF8300C


I saw some replies for another MF series printer, but the instructions did not make sense to me.  I have gone through EVERY possible option in the print dialog boxes.  I think this is something set on the printer itself somehow.  


  THe weird thing is that on my old computer with the same printer, I had an option in the Print dialog box for "Finishing."  That allowed me to specify (and obviously I could save that setting in a preset).  But, with my new computer and new download of the drivers, etc., "Finishing" is not on the drop down menu.  I do see Basic (which someone mentioned in a post), but that doesn't deal with 2 sided printing.


Please help!!





Guys - the two side printing on Macs is turned ON for some reason - it's odd. But there's a way to turn it off. 

Here's the info:


Configure 1-Sided Printing Default for Mac Driver To Configure Mac driver to default to 1-sided printing


Open terminal. Type this and hit enter:


cupsctl WebInterface=yes




1) Open a browser window and type http://localhost:631

2) On the CUPS screen select the Administration tab

3) Click Manage Printers

4) Select the Canon device by IP address (or name if you can find it on the list)

5) Click Administration drop down box and select Set Default Options

6) Click General

7) Select 1-sided Printing from Print Style drop down box. Select Set Default Options (bottom of page)




THANK YOU. This solved my issue!

Thanks for helpiong solve a problem almost there.. The Canon Engineers should have left the user option availbale. When I get to the " General" option, my CUPS says " Double Sided" which I turned off. When I go to " Set Default" it wants an ID and password. I tried my desktop ID and Password.. it wants something else.. can you tell me what ID password it wants?


 After you press  " Set Default"  it wants a login and password, tried several things none worked. said somehthign about a Kuderos? password.. how do you get that?



As far as I can tell, it's your user account login info (at least on macOS)

Thank you - this hadn't occurred to me.

Thank you!!!!!

Thank you solved my problem onceI used my Mac username and password.

June 2019 and the issue is still not fixed for a brand new MF733 I just bought. Even when I specified 1 side, it still printed 2 sides. This trick did it. Thank you!


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