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Error message on my MX700 Printer: U052 This type of print head is incorrect.


I got this after installing new ink - it worked just a bit and then when I turned printer off and on, got this msg.  I took out cartridges and head, put them back in, and no change.


Now months later my printer is still working since doing the 91% ethyl alcohol cleaning. see my previous post


I had this error with my canon printer that showed up one day with no warning.

Using my powers of deduction and understanding how power supplies work I found an easy solution to fix that that anyone can do in about 1 minute.

If you would like to know how to do it email me.

 Removed email address per FORUM GUIDELINES

Hi how was this achieved?

You mean someone actually did canon's job for them and figured out how to fix the problem dozens of unhappy customers are having,  and they removed his address??!? To say I'm not impressed is a real understatement. It appears that printer manufacturers are already making money, not on printers,  but ink. So why make a printer that self distructs, when we would keep buying overpriced ink? I will replace the printer, but not with another canon. I will also be telling all my friends about this as well. If all of us that have been wronged by this treatment tell our facebook friends,  and all of our ether friends,  perhaps we can make ourselves felt.

The MX700 is supposed to be a multifunctional printer. But if there is something wrong with the ink level or printhead NONE of the other functions work anymore.

My printhead gives an error now, and I can not scan or fax anymore.

Solution: I bought the Brother MFC J 4410. Now I am happy.

Bad for the environment because a potential good scannner/fax, which can not be used anymore, goes on the garbage dump. Strange policy of cannon, waste of investment.


I am surprised Canon is brave enough to have a public forum. The MX700 printer is loaded with defects one of which is the print head. I threw mine in the trash bin. DO NOT buy a new print head or ink for this model. No matter what you do it will not work I quarntee it.


I seldom join these circle forums because I have other gadgets to play with. Also is it really worth being having your email inbox spammed day and night. Well in this instance yes.


Canon the MX700 is a pile of rubbish and am surpised you take no responsibilty. Trust me the product id defective and one day you may hear from me again.


This printer is a piece of junk.


I have had my printer for about 4 or 5 years now. It has always worked perfectly. Then all of a sudden I get the message that the print head is incorrect and to reinstall it. I turned it off and unplugged it and it worked for 1 print job and then went back to giving me this message. I took out my cartridges and put them back in, unplugged it, etc. VERY upset that I can not do A single thing with it. I try to go into the menu, settings, etc. and am unable to do so because of this error message. 

I was working with the moderator on a solution.  She's disappeared now and I have THREE Canon printers with issues(two of them with the infamous message that we're all seeing)

I was offered a discounted price if I called. However, this issue makes me want to never purchase a canon printer again. It worked beautifully until this, and now I'm just out of luck. Have to take it in for repair, from which I'm reading had been expensive, and didn't help...or buy a new one. I'm really not looking to purchase a new printer every four years when it decides to give an error message for no reason whatsoever. I'll be getting a different brand.obviously there's an issue Canon since Soo many people are having this exact problem.
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