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Color imageCLASS MF733Cdw: Unable to Color Scan

Rising Star
Rising Star

This is an interesting problem. A few minutes ago, I tried to color scan-email a document. When I opened the email, the attachment was blank. Thinking that I made a mistake, I resent the document. Again, the attachment was blank.

I turned off the unit and unplugged it for two minutes. Plugged it back in and powered it on. Rescanned the document and it on its way. The attachment was blank yet again.

Out of curiosity, I tried one more time, but this time I called for black & white as opposed to color. When I opened the attachment, the image of the document was there...albeit in b&w as opposed to color. Color copying is perfect. No problems there.

So, something isn't quite right. I have an MF743 at home. I plan on trying a color scan on that unit to see if I can duplicate the problem. The idea is to see if this is a problem unique with the 733, or if it is more than that.

For the record, I haven't tried to color scan to a flash drive as I do not have access to an available drive at this time.


I tried color scanning the same document at home and it scanned properly. So, this looks like a problem specific to the particular MF733 unit.