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Canon c3715 - SMTP - Scan to email not working


Good day, 


I have trouble getting the printer to send the scanned documents to an email address. 


I have set up the SMTP with office as that is the service we have at my office: 

port 587


I have turned TLS on. 

For the setup I have both done a mail address that exists and one with the domain name as 

It doesn't make a difference to theTX REPORT that is printed every time I try to scan to email. 


The print has the following:

Job NO. 

St. time


File name






It looks like it is sending, and then before it proceeds to print the TX REPORT it says Check server but it never gives me a error code number or anything to go off. I am not sure what I am doing wrong, I've looked at many other cases and no one seems to be having the specific issue. 


So I ask for the help of people on the internet now, I am not very well versed in printers so it might be something obvious I am doing wrong, sorry and thanks in advance for any input! 


Rising Star



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