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Canon c2030i large volume scans difficult/ impossible


Hi all,


Has anyone had experience trying to scan (for purposes of scan to email/ fax) large volumes of documents?


In a nut shell, I quite routinely send lengthy faxes (20 pages+). Sometimes I can manage 20 pages but what normally happens is when attempting to scan anything more than 12 pages or so the "Duplex Color Image Reader Unit-D1" begins taking 2 pages at a time, then deteriorates to taking multiple pages at a time before finally giving up on the task at hand and just taking the remaining take of paper all at once.


For clarification, what beings as a 20 page document normally ends up being sent as a 10 pages or less document with random pages missing as a result of not being correctly scanned.


I'm curious if my unit it faulty or if this is an inherent fault on this model.








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