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Canon MX860 repeats B200 error code -- brought it back to store , they couldn't fix it.


Canon MX860 has error code B200, have cleaned and removed printer head

code still blinks.


Product Expert
Product Expert

Hello csheehey,


Please try the following to see if we can resolve your issue:

1.  Open the cover of the printer.

2.  Remove all ink tanks from the printer.

3.  Lift up the gray locking lever on the side of the ink tank holder.

4.  Gently remove the print head from the carriage unit.

5.  Place the print head back in and lock the lever down.

6.  Place all of the ink tanks back in the printer.

7.  Close the cover and turn the printer off.

8.  Unplug the power from the printer.  Leave the power unplugged for about 5-10 minutes.

9.  Plug the power back in and turn the printer on. 


If the error persists, please contact a technical support representative at 1-800-652-2666 between the hours of 10 AM and 10 PM, EST, Monday - Friday for additional help with this error.

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I have the same error. I removed my ink cartriges and ink tank holder. I then started to get a message that I had the wrong holder and it needed to be replaced. This is the very first problem with my printer and I have had it for years. I love this printer. Did and re-did the steps above with no resolution.


Please help....



I searched many websites for the solution. Just resetting the printer didn't work for me. I found some solutions here, you might like to try them one by one.

Canon Error B200.


Purchased a new tank holder on Ebay and it works like a champ......

By "tank holder" do you mean printhead?

This was the greatest advice- I did exactly this, except I cleaned the print head with cotton balls and alcohol- I then replaced everything as instructed and left it unplugged for 15 minutes. It is working perfectly again.

thank you very much it worked like a charm now i can get back to printing my coupons

In addition to "Michael Product Experts" method on page 1, I also did this method:

  • Turn off the power
  • Open the panel
  • Turn on the power
  • Wait for print carriage to start moving to the left.
  • Let it go past half way
  • Before print carriage reaches left hand side shut the cover.
  • Leave the Printer turned on

Don't know which method did the trick, I did the posted method first and this one second, but printer is working now! Thank you

I have had a Canon MX860 for 6 years and absolutely LOVE it. Have had HP's in the past until this one. I got the B200 Error once previously and was able to clear with the suggestion to Open the Cover, let the Printhead go to the left then close the cover and it cleared. About a year later, got the B200 Error again and tried all of the suggestions you will see on this blog ...cleaned the printhead with warm water, installed 2 print tanks that needed replacing, pushing the on/off button several times, pressing the SCAN/COPY/FAX buttons all at once. Nothing worked, so ordered a new printhead from Amazon for around $60 and can now print again. I hope I can use this printer for several more years, but if not, I will probably purchase another Canon.