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Canon MF753Cdw - The option, [Skip Blank Orig.], doesn't work


The Subject line here says it all.  I'll add that I'm using Win11 w/latest upgrades.  My MF753Cdw firmware is reported to be "Current."

Heads-up: this is an inconsistent problem (i.e., this option works with some Canon routines - but not with others).

To be clear, I've enabled the [Skip Blank Orig.] option as follows:

Menu|Function Settings|Send|Scan and Send Settings|File Settings|Change Default Settings (File)|2-Sided Original|Skip Blank Orig.[ON]


  • This works properly when I use the Scan|File console command (blank pages are NOT incorporated into the final PDF result)
  • This FAILS to function properly when I use the Scan|Computer console command (blank pages remain embedded within the final PDF result)

I've spent well over an hour (and reading the Manual...) using all sorts of different prescribed settings in an effort to get this otherwise wonderful machine to scan (from the document feeder) a series of pages (some two-sided, others NOT) and then send the PDF results to my Computer (a desktop Win11 PC).


I suspect this is a software "bug" with the [Skip Blank Orig.] function, and not a "feature."


Does anyone have a similar experience?  And if anyone at Canon happens to see this, what's the story?  I'd love to implement this promised feature with both the Scan|File and Scan|Computer functions.