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Canon MF743 CDW - Fax from Mac - Adding


Since Bonjour drivers are so unpredictable and unreliable with this Canon MF743Cdw, I have chosen to use the Canon drivers and point the Printer/Scanner using the IP address instead. Everything works well; except the Fax.


Installing the Fax driver software does not add Fax Utility to the system. And neither does it allow for the manual adding of fax under the general Printer/Scanner settings. 


How would one add a Fax on the Mac? 


The initial setup guide and the comprehensive guide completely ignores Mac users and offers no help in setting up the Fax for a Mac computing environment. 


Anyone can shed a light on this? 


Thank you. 



Hi sharmelan.


The MF743Cdw's fax drivers act like printer drivers, except rather than translating from computer commands to printing directions, it translates from computer commands to fax directions.  As such, once the fax drivers are installed, you'll need to register them as a second printer; be sure to name the new entry accordingly, to make it clear which one is for faxing.  Set the Use Driver drop-down to the fax drivers before clicking the Add button at the bottom of the Add New window.


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That makes sense in theory. But even after manually selecting the IP and LPD Fax Driver, the printer simply prints everytime I click print on the "FAX" specific printer option. I was hoping that it presents me an option to input Fax number + Cover pages etc. Nowhere to be seen. 


What could I be missing? 

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