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Cannon mb2320 - can not clear error


I can not get code 7100 cleared on my printer. It came about as I was having Wi-Fi issues while printing wirelessly. I’ve had it before and simply cancelled print and tried again. This time I was unable to “cancel print” and it’s like the error code is stuck.

I’ve tried the following already

1. cycling power and subsequently unplugging every cord it has lol

2. using the hard reset steps found online (hold stop 2 seconds, hold on two seconds, tap stop five times) it doesn’t seem to run through all the reboot steps internally and just keeps flashing on and stop back and forth with no end to that.



Product Expert
Product Expert

Hello Ashdea19,

The 7100 error would point to a problem with the hardware. In this situation, You can check the inside of the printer where the ink loads for any obstructions that might be blocking the ink carriage. You can also check to make sure all the ink tanks are pushed all the way in and you can also check the rear for any obstructions.

If that does not resolve the issue, it looks like the printer needs service. You can contact support at 1-80-652-2666 or log into your MyCanon account to check your service options.

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